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Antiflu - Tamiflu (Oseltamivir)

Antiflu - Tamiflu (Oseltamivir)
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Generic Name: Oseltamivir Phosphate
Original Brand: Tamiflu
Generic Brand: Antiflu

Oseltamivir phosphate (generic Tamiflu) has been recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the treatment of avian influenza and swine flu in case of a pandemic. WHO has also recommended all the countries at risk to stockpile this medicine so that they have enough supplies for patients in the event of an epidemic. This has led to incessant demand of Oseltamivir tablets and most people buy this drug online for themselves and their family members. However, with the branded Tamiflu running in short supply and coming at a higher price, generic medicines with Oseltamivir phosphate are quickly making inroads into the market and are becoming available at most pharmacies.

How does Oseltamivir work?
Oseltamivir is part of a group of anti-viral medicines that are known as neuraminidase inhibitors. This medicine exerts its effect on the influenza virus in the body and blocks the work of the viral neuraminidase protein. This prevents the virus from reproducing in the host cell and spreading to other cells. Oseltamivir is a better treatment drug than other anti-viral drugs in the sense that it is effective against both influenza A and influenza B.

Currently Tamiflu is the only medication that has both FDA and WHO approval for use in the treatment of flu. While Tamiflu is the branded version, Oseltamivir phosphate is the generic form of this medication. The safety of this treatment and the constant news of impending bird flu and swine flu pandemic have resulted in high demand of Oseltamivir medicine. You can buy generic Tamiflu online through any of the websites that offer this drug. You will also come across many discussion forums and FAQ online that discuss about this FDA approved treatment.

Side effects of Tamiflu
Oseltamivir phosphate treatment generally leads to nausea followed by vomiting. On the whole it is a very safe treatment, but it can result in dangerous symptoms if you take an overdose. Dosage instructions from your doctor, if followed properly, can keep you out of trouble. The dose for adults and adolescents vary, also the dose for prevention and treatment varies, so keep your doctor’s advice in mind. If you are found to be allergic to Oseltamivir, your doctor may suggest alternatives.

It is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation period as its effect on the child is unknown. It is also not recommended for patients suffering from kidney diseases, heart diseases and respiratory diseases. While it has not been specifically studied, alcohol consumption is also not advisable as it can lead to dangerous side effects.

Guidelines before taking
If you believe you have come in contact with a flu patient, or if you are feeling the onset of the condition, try and take Tamiflu within 48 hours. Tamiflu course consists of ten tablets that should be completed in five days, morning and evening, for the treatment of flu. For simple prevention, the dose is one tablet everyday for ten days. If however, there is a serious outbreak, the treatment course can be extended up to six weeks.

What is the common dosage of Oseltamivir?
Oseltamivir comes in 75mg capsule form for adults and 12mg powder form for children.

What is the difference between brand Tamiflu and generic Oseltamivir?
Brand Tamiflu comes in capsule form in a blister pack of ten. Generic version may or may not look the same. The active ingredient in both brand Tamiflu and generic Oseltamivir is the same, but the inactive ingredients may vary. Generic versions are cheaper than brand versions; however, this does not mean that they are not of high quality.

Where and how to buy Generic Tamiflu?
The best source to purchase generic Tamiflu is via online resources. You can find it through physical pharmacies too, but this is generally time consuming and inconvenient. Just as in the case of brand Tamiflu, you cannot buy generic Tamiflu online without prescription. In order to buy Oseltamivir online at the cheapest price, you should look for discount prices and sales on various websites. Apart from the fact that you can compare prices online, you can also get the medications delivered too you overnight.

Why is the price of Generic Tamiflu / Oseltamivir so cheap at
The price of generic medications is always cheaper than original brands as their manufacturers do not have to spend on research, development, marketing and promotion. acquires such cost effective generic medications directly from low cost manufacturers. As a result, our price of generic Tamiflu / Oseltamivir is always lower than that in the market.

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Antiflu - Tamiflu (Oseltamivir)
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Antiflu - Tamiflu (Oseltamivir)
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