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Biocon to launch Abraxene in India

Biocon Limited, in alliance with the US-based Abraxis Bio Science, today announced the launch of Abraxane, an oncotheraputic drug for treatment of breast cancer, in India. The drug could be administered if combination therapy for metastatic disease failed or there was relapse within six months of adjuvant chemotherapy. The drug has been approved by the Drug Controller General of India in October 2007.

The launch provides breakthrough therapeutics to cancer patients in India and is a significant advance in taxane therapy for treatment of cancer.
The drug would be 40 per cent less than that priced in the US.  It would soon be available at our sponsor at similar rates. If you want to get the details or enquire more about it please contact genglob via live chat, call or through contact page.

Abraxane is the first nanotechnology based anti-cancer drug that is administered in albumin-bound particles of approximately 130 nanometres and takes advantage of albumin, to transport the drug to the tumour tissue. The launch of Abraxene is part of Biocon’s strategic licensing partnerships to advance therapeutics in India. Abraxis had established a licensing agreement with Biocon for commercialisation of Abraxene in India.


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