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Cancer and sexuality (Part 2) – How can cancer treatment affect sexuality

cancer and sexuality part 2

In part one of this series cancer and sexuality we briefly covered three topics:

What is sexuality?
What is a normal sexual response?
How can my cancer and cancer treatment affect my sexuality?

We continue the series today covering the third question in detail on how can cancer and cancer treatment affect the sexuality. Read the rest of this entry »


breast cancer treatment breakthroughs

Targeting Breast Tumors with SeedsOctober is officially tagged “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. Of recent, there have been a lot of medical breakthroughs in the detection and treatment of Breast Cancer. Scientists have identified more accurate tools for screening younger women who are more likely to get the most dangerous forms and new strategies have also been developed for the treatment of newly diagnosed pregnant women.  Advanced research has led to the development of better, less toxic drugs to guard against recurrences. Read the rest of this entry »