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How to check your order?

After the order has been created and paid you would receive a notification from regarding your order status.

The order goes through following status:

Pending - This state indicates your order has been received and waiting for a copy of prescription or payment confirmation from our payment service provider (we normally use PayPal as our service provider).

Processing - This state indicates your payment authorization has been received by us and we started processing your order i.e. it is being packed for shipping to destination.

Shipping - This state indicates your order has been shipped and payment authorization has been captured i.e. we would successfully charge your credit card once the order is shipped.

Complete - This state indicates your order has been successfully delivered to you nad is completed.

Canceled - This state indicates that your order has been cancelled. There are multiple reason for cancel:

  • Payment not received
  • Cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order on your request.
  • Products you ordered is out of stock.

All your orders are shipped through EMS Speed Post which you can track at:

Once your order is out of India please click on the country in this list for tracking:

If you have any questions please contact us.