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Vicco Vajradanti(Sugarfree))

Vicco Vajradanti(Sugarfree))
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Price: $4.00
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SKU: vcsf
Manufacturer: Vicco
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 Sugar-Free Vicco Vajradanti (SF) comes in pack of 100 grams 200 grams in form of Paste

Now, World  will discover the sweet results of Sugar-Free Vicco Vajradanti (SF). Just like human beings, bacteria love sugar. They thrive on sugar and release acids that cause tooth decay.

Sugar-Free Vicco Vajradanti (SF) takes total care of gums and teeth. It has won hearts of fastidious customers all over the world. The health-conscious, especially the diabetics, stick to this Sugar-Free Vicco Vajradanti for health reasons. The vegetarians choose it as it contains no animal ingredients. And as it is not tested on animals, the followers of 'beauty without cruelty' love it.



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Vicco Vajradanti(Sugarfree))
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